Showing dogs is a sport in which the thrill of competition combines with the joy of seeing beautiful dogs. It's a very sociable sport that attracts many people, which is not a surprise. Beardies are very eye catching, looking just fabulous in the ring with an aura of flamboyance.

At an all breed show, the focus lies in the dog's conformation, or overall appearance and structure. Judges examine the dogs and rank them in accordance to how close each compares with a mental image of the "perfect" dog as described in the breed's official standard.

Structure, temperament and movement are assessed, as well as the dogs' abilities to perform the function for which the breed was developed. Success in the show ring is not just about the presentation at the show. A large part of the hard work starts in the preparation made: grooming, bathing, ring training, and conditioning your dog.

The official written standards are maintained by each breed's parent club. To read the Bearded Collie Breed Standard:

After achieving the required number of "wins" at American Kennel Club dog shows, they are designated a "Champion" by the AKC, and in recent years "Grand Champion" has been added. Dogs are judged in a process of elimination that results in the selection of one Best of Breed dog, all of which then compete against each other for Best in Show.

Information regarding AKC shows in the Colorado region can be found at: