RMBCC Club Awards

Special Recognition Award

The RMBCC created a Special Recognition Award to honor Beardies and/or members of our club that have made a significant accomplishment to our club members or community involving promotion of our special breed.

Special Recognition Recipients

  • 2015 -Co- winners Brodie Walker, GCh Brynmar's My Love RN MX AXJ MXP7MXPS MJP7 MJPS PAX2 NF, owned by BJ Walker &

    Linus Deitke, Linus RA CGC, owned by Karen Deitke

    2013 – Peggy Reed

  • 2012 – Meg Naylor

  • 2009 – Kathy Thomas

  • 2008 – Kay Schulz

  • 2006 – Renee Jarrett

    2007 – Linda Peters

  • 2005 – Dazee, Ch Shanaspree Liberty Gone West CD RN, owner Tammy Begler

  • 2004 – Nancy Shock

  • 2002 – Becket, Ragtyme Talkin' Up A Storm, owner Kim Horsley Krueger

RMBCC Versatility Awards

Following the Bearded Collie Club of America guidelines, the RMBCC has programs to encourage and reward owners that participate in a variety of sports.

The Versatility Award recognizes Beardies who have earned titles in three out of six areas: Conformation, Obedience, Rally, Herding, Tracking, and Agility.

The Versatility Excellent Award recognizes Beardies who have earned eight titles in at least three of the areas listed above.

The Master Versatility Award, the highest Versatility Award, requires 12 AKC titles but must also include an all-breed Best In Show or completed the championship level in herding, agility, obedience or tracking.

Detailed information regarding these awards can be found in the standing rules for the BCCA:


Versatility Excellent Beardies

  • 2015

    • CH Meadows' Emerald At Gemineye CD RE HT OAJ, Emie, owner Meg Naylor
    • CH Gemineye America's Heartthrob Pt OA AXJ NF CGC, Bieber, owner Meg Naylor

    2012 – GCh Sherwood Cool Sequel at Summit CD RE PT, Audra, owners Kathy Thomas & K. Raleigh

  • 2009 – Ch Summit's No Strings Attached CD RAE2 PT, Ian, owners Kathy & Steve Thomas

Versatility Beardies


  • Ch Meadows' Emerald At Gemineye RN OA OAJ HIC CGC, owners Meg Naylor & Claudia McNulty
  • Risa Caramel Frappuccino RN PT NAJ, owner Kim Krueger
  • Ch Woodsong Doris Daring RN HSAs NA NAJ CGC, owners Norm & Olivia Lazarus


  • Ch Britannia Sebring All Time High CD BN GN RA HT, Greyson, owners Kathy Thomas, M. Ritter, J. Floberg, K. Andressend


  • Ch Woodsong Doris Daring RN HSAs NA, Doris, owners Olivia & Norman Lazarus


  • Ch Britannia One In A Zillion RN HT CGC, ZiZi, owners Jill & Dean Floberg
  • Ch Brynmar's My Love RN OA AXJ, Brodie, owner BJ Walker
  • Ch Donalea's Frankly My Dear RN OA OAJ, Frankie, owners Don & Elodji Means
  • Ch Mik-Ren's First Comes the Action RN HT, Greer, owner Renee Jarrett
  • Ch Wimberlee's Picture Perfect RN HT CGC, Peggy Sue, owner Joyce Ann Burgett


  • Ch Britannia Berry Berry Nice RN HSAs, Berry, owners Jill & Dean Floberg
  • Ch Sherwood Cool Sequel at Summit RN HT, Audra, owner Kathy Thomas
  • Ch Shanaspree Kick A Field Goal RN AX MXJ NF, Kaleigh, owner BJ Walker
  • Ch Summit's Luck of the Draw RN PT, Keira, owner Renee Jarrett

Past Awards

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