Past Events

Agility 2014

Highlands & Georgetown Walk

2014 RMBCC Picnic

Click the arrows to see the photos. This slideshow is not automatic.

2013 RMBCC Christmas Party

We held our 2013 party at Mimi's Cafe in Aurora.

2013 Summer Picnic

We all had a great time at our summer picnic! Check out our slideshow...

RMBCC Agility Day

Look at our photos from another beautiful day for RMBCC agility in Colorado.

2012 RMBCC Picnic & 25th Anniversary Party

25 years of pictures and memories from our club members. If you'd like a copy of the RMBCC Special Anniversary booklet, download it here.

Take a look at some photos from RMBCC's 25th anniversary celebration!

K-9 Cares Therapy Seminar

Read about our K-9 Cares Therapy seminar and check out our photos.

2011 RMBCC Christmas Party

Here are some photos from the 2011 RMBCC Christmas Party. You have to admit, this club knows how to have a good time!







2010 RMBCC Christmas Party

Here are some photos from the 2010 RMBCC Christmas Party.