What Is a Bearded Collie?

Breed description

Size: Beardies are medium sized dogs. Ideal height is male dogs 21 – 22 inches at the withers (shoulders) and females slightly less at 20 – 21 inches. Weight can vary with size and sex, but an average adult Beardie averages between 45 – 55 pounds.

Coat: Beardies have a long, close-fitting double coat. The outer coat is harsh and repels rain or snow and the undercoat tends to be short and softer. It is imperative that Beardies are regularly and thoroughly groomed. Although they look stunning when the coat is well-kept, they may be clipped in some very attractive cuts if they grooming becomes too much to handle. Shedding is minimally, with proper grooming.

Color: Beardies can be four colors including black, brown, blue, and fawn; all with or without white markings. The shades vary considerably, resulting in each Beardie tending to be very individual in appearance. Their color at birth goes through a paling phase from late puppyhood to early adulthood before the final darker adult coat comes through. Determining the actual color of a Beardie can be made from the color of the pigment of the nose and lips that corresponds with coat color. Blacks should have black pigment, blues have gray-blue, browns have brown, and fawns a lighter brown. Eye color generally tones with coat color.

They are a Scottish herding dog with a long, shaggy coat and an exuberant, intelligent personality. They are still used for herding on farms, especially in Britain, as their style of working is particularly suited to cattle and hill sheep.

A Beardie is a winsome, funny, loving, sometimes silly, sometimes pouty, adorable, curious, persistent creature, in short, close to human. As puppies, they're much like two-year-old children. They try out their independence, test their "parents," and are so cute they're difficult to correct. This is the time good parents must force down the chuckle, give firm, but gentle discipline and then go in the other room to laugh 'til they cry. 

Beardies make enjoyable and loving companions. They are lively, intelligent, friendly, and anxious to be a real part of the family, usually being very good with children. They are not a dog to be left on their own all day! They like to have things to do, and they can do most anything, whether it's conformation or hiking with the family.They usually live peacefully with other breeds, but often prefer other Beardies and their humans.

Temperamentally, Beardies are most appealing to those who like an intelligent, responsive, and energetic dog. They are very trainable and obliging when handled correctly, but do not respond well to harsh or confused training regiments, being sensitive to human mood and behavior. They are independent thinkers, but are also anxious to please you and will do just about anything for your approval. They may not obey commands if they don't see the point.

Beardies aren't for everybody. No breed is. You have to be willing to tolerate — if not enjoy — brushing long hair, wet beards in your lap, and muddy paw prints in the wrong places at the wrong time. And you HAVE to like bounce. If you don't, please continue looking. A sense of humor is a necessary attribute for a Beardie owner!

And remember to always buy from a reputable breeder.